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horoscope for Aries

While 1st July is always the first day of the second half of each year and symbolically this can draw a line in the sand but never has this been so literal and especially for you. It was 48 hours earlier that Mars, your ruling planet returned to Aries to fuel your passions, drive and competitive spirit but also to begin a new Mars cycle. Mars will usually spend six weeks back in Aries and this is always an empowered point in his 22 month cycle so just having him return just as you are poised into the second half of the year is an advantage and a case of perfect timing. If you ever wanted to put the first half of the year behind you and start again, this is your chance. However, at most this should get you through to mid August when this effect would wear off and rather than impacting the whole second half of the year this would be a good start. However, this is not what will happen and Mars really will impact the whole second half of the year. That is because while Mars returned on 28th June he won't leave until 7th January 2021, with his longest visit in 32 years dominating the whole second half of the year and colouring all your experiences. Having Mars in Aries is different from having him in any other area of your chart, where his passions, drive and competitive spirit are contained to that one specific area. In Aries, Mars influence will spread to every corner of your life. This will manifest as a surge in your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit as Saturn retrogrades back to join up with Jupiter and Pluto again in your career sector. Over the course of the month, this will make its way into your romantic and creative passions and in fact every area of your life that you are able to get passionate about. At the start of the month Mars one of just three planets in the solar system in direct motion, giving you the drive to push forward but also make the most of the multiple doors open to the past, second chances and untapped potential.

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