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horoscope for Capricorn

October just might be the most significant month of 2020 for you, the month that marks the beginning of the end and a return to your personal power. It began earlier last month when Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion turned direct in Capricorn though with Saturn and Pluto still in retrograde motion this was more the point when the tide started to turn. However, in the final 48 hours of September Saturn turned direct here as well and as your ruling planet, this was the point where the power to move mountains returned. It is Pluto's direct turn in Capricorn on 5th October that will release the final handbrake holding things back. Jupiter and Saturn are the most powerful planets in the solar system and with both leaving Capricorn in December and the foundation phase of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion and three decades long Saturn cycle of growth ending within days of each other, this is when the march to bring things home begins. This is something that will underpin everything else that is happening this month, bleeding into what is a diverse and exciting month all round. While Jupiter and Saturn will leave Capricorn in December, the new cycle that Saturn has been preparing for since December 2017 and Jupiter since December 2019 will continue. Meanwhile, the dwarf planet Ceres is giving you a chance to prepare for the future by looking back into the past. Five months after leaving your income sector in April, Ceres retrograded back in late last month, will turn direct on 19th October and leave again early next month. Ceres has nipped back in for a short refresher when it comes to your income needs and priorities and this couldn't be more significant. For when Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn in December they will return here, aligning here just before Christmas for the first time in six decades. With 2021 a potentially expansive and lucrative year, the timing couldn't be better. This also makes the fairly ordinary planetary activity in your career sector a chance to get your professional ducks in a row.

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