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horoscope for Gemini

For you, October is always a month where a balance between work and play is highlighted. While the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of October in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and end the month in your busy work sector, there is often a blurring of the lines between the two. Because Mercury and Venus can return ahead of the Sun, one or both can get work and job matters off earlier in the month and that can create a need for balance at some point. However, what you have this month is a complete overlapping. The month begins with Mercury already in your work sector and he will still be here when the Sun returns on 23rd October. With the asteroid Juno spending her first full month in your work sector in four years together with Mercury, who will leave on 28th October but return next month and Venus who will return next month as well, this will see work and job matters continue to evolve right through to December. Yet even in the five day gap between when the Sun leaves a playful part of your chart and Mercury returns for a double dip visit, you have the dwarf planet Ceres spending her first, last and only full month back in an adventurous part of your chart. Either way, while the conditions are good on the playful and busy sides of life's fence there is a need for balance. Meanwhile, as Jupiter and Saturn spend their first full month in direct motion in your financial sector and with Pluto turning direct here on 5th October, the financial tide is turning. As well as giving money matters the green light and giving you the confidence and momentum to bring this financial year home, this is a chance to turn away from the financial tension of recent months. This is something that could benefit financial matters on the home, family and/or property fronts. The month also gets off to a good start across the communication, friendship and relationship fronts.

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