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Horoscope for Sagittarius

Whether you are a November or a December born Sagittarian, with the Sun always spending the first three weeks of December in Sagittarius, this is your month. And until the Sun leaves on 22nd December, this is a chance to embrace this new solar year and the journey ahead. Yet from the moment the Sun returned to Sagittarius last month this will have felt different, sensing from the get go if not for months now, that this was no ordinary solar year you were moving into. That is because you not only have the Sun in Sagittarius but lucky Jupiter as well. This is the first full month of Jupiter's 13 month visit to Sagittarius, which itself is the foundation period or gateway into a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. Saturn only wrapped up a three year visit to Sagittarius last December, so you have put in the hard work, faced the challenges and have no doubt done a lot of growing up over recent years. This has all created a strong foundation that Jupiter is now able to build on. This makes a New Moon in Sagittarius on 7th December a chance to not only commit to this new solar year but the journey that the next 12 months will take you on. However, you also start the month with Mercury in Sagittarius but in retrograde motion. Retrograding back out on 2nd December Mercury will return on 13th December, but won't leave until the New Year. With Venus not returning to Sagittarius until January, both heart and mind are taking their time when it comes defining your expectations or any kind of game plan. In fact, there is an air of patience across most aspects of your life and that includes on the financial, professional and even romantic fronts. December is a month for simply settling in, with all areas of your life opening up in the New Year.

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